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Build Strength, Explosive Power & Mental Toughness To Outperform & Outlast the Competition!

  • Are you afraid you’re never going to be able to reach your fitness goals, no matter how hard you try?
  • Does it seem like you don’t have the time, money or motivation to actually make progress?
  • Are you ready to take that next step and truly gain an edge on the competition?

From: Travis Yarbrough
TX Performance Strength and Conditioning

Dear Friend,

My name is Travis Yarbrough, and after spending years in the military I know firsthand that it’s not what you’re given which leads to how strong or fit you are, it’s your mental toughness, and your will power to never give up or surrender.

That means that no matter your age, your experience, or any difficulty you’ve had in the past, it’s always possible to begin reaching your goals, and smashing through the obstacles which stand in your way.

I began my own quest for strength, fitness and self-improvement as a teenager. But it was years later through my military service when I was able to combine the basic fundamentals of fitness with the unmatched drive and dedication required to succeed at the highest levels.

Now, I’m ready to give back, and help others on their own quests for weight loss, strength, performance and improvement.

The truth is that there’s no shortcut, and there’s no easy way out. You must be committed, you must work hard, and you must stay on track. I’ll show you how to do all of that and more, and when combined with our proven system for maximizing performance, building explosive muscle mass and strength, and torching away fat, you’ll reach your personal best and achieve your wildest fitness goals and dreams.

When you sign up for our private training or boot camp, I guarantee that you’ll see results in at little as two weeks if you can guarantee your commitment to working your hardest in that time.

Sign up for our no-cost, no-obligation one week Jump Start program to get started, and I know you’ll be hooked and ready for more.

  • Build explosive strength and lean muscle mass while losing fat
  • Improve on your mental toughness and your will to work hard and win
  • Get the body you’ve always wanted and the performance you’ve always craved!


Begin seeing real results in as little as two weeks with our world-class strength and conditioning program!


TX Performance Strength and Conditioning

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  • Proven strength and conditioning workouts utilizing bodyweight exercises, kettlebells, and a variety of equipment
  • Quick, innovative and fun workouts taking just one hour or less
  • Customized workout programs to match individual goals, needs and schedules
  • Build explosive strength and lean muscle mass, while burning fat at the same time
  • Gain an edge on the competition and learn how to be at your absolute best
  • Improve your mental toughness, confidence, will power and fortitude
  • No-cost, no-obligation one week Jump Start free trial program
  • Guaranteed results in as little as two weeks!

At TX Performance, we are absolutely committed to you and your cause.

You’ll find a unique program and environment unlike anything else you’ve ever experience. Not only do we help you during training, but we’ll help you achieve your goals in any way that we can.

When you get started with our program, you’ll be driven to excel. We want you to not only become better, but reach your absolute best, and we have the expertise and the proven system to help you reach all of your goals.

TX Performance Strength & Conditioning

  • Build strength and muscle mass, and burn fat at the same time
  • Gain an edge on the competition and perform at your best
  • Improve your confidence, fortitude, toughness and willpower
  • Trainers who truly care about you and your results

The run of the mill gyms and workout programs

  • Focus on bulking up or slimming down, but not both
  • Training focuses on only “show” muscles, not real performance
  • Don’t learn anything about dedication, only gym reps and sets
  • You’re a nameless statistic or a commission on a sale

Commit to us, and we’ll commit to you. It’s that simple. We guarantee that you’ll begin seeing results in as little as two weeks when you get started and stick with the program.

Plus, with our one-week Jump Start free trial, you can come on down and give us a try with no cost or obligation. There’s no excuses for not reaching your fitness goals, and with our program, you’ll quickly see you won’t need the excuses anymore either way.

The Two-Week Guarantee

When you sign up for our personal training or boot camp, and stay dedicated, then we guarantee that you'll see results in as little as two weeks. Commit to working your hardest, and we commit to helping you look, feel and perform better than ever.

Our personal training and boot camp may not be for everyone. But if you’re looking to build explosive strength, add lean muscle mass and burn excess fat, then we’ll get you there. If you’re looking for an edge on the competition, as you also increase your confidence, toughness and will power, then we’ll get you there too.

There’s no shortcut to looking and feeling at your absolute best, and reaching your fitness and performance goals. The solution is working hard, with a system which is proven to produce results, and an instructor who is guaranteed to keep you on track and push you to succeed.

When you’re ready to take that next step, don’t let anything else stand in your way. Get started with the rest of your life today, and you’ll see results in as little as two weeks!


Travis Yarbrough
TX Performance Strength and Conditioning

PS. With our special Jump Start program, you get to try out our boot camp for one full week, with absolutely no cost, risk or obligation. There’s nothing to lose, and there’s everything to gain!